The unfortunate fact is that more than half of the nation’s children are already overweight or obese. Children who are overweight and/or obese are more likely to suffer from the same weight problems as adults. However, this is not the only issue your child will suffer from through his or her life because of weight. Overweight children have an increased risk of suffering from diabetes, heart disease, certain forms of cancer, and a myriad of other serious health conditions later in life. Their chances increase even more if they do not get their weight under control before adulthood. If your child is overweight or obese, now is the best time to help him or her get that weight under control. It’s far more difficult to fight obesity as an adult than it is as a child. Talk to your child’s doctor to find out what your child should be eating and what activities in which he or she should participate. Your child’s doctor will recommend a healthy diet with fruits and vegetables, lean protein, and the elimination of soda, junk food, Car Insurance Deals, and processed foods. Your child’s doctor will also recommend an exercise plan that might consist of cardio, weights, and a combination of sports and strength training.

Obesity in children is a growing problem that can lead to serious health consequences when left unchecked. Unfortunately, many children are living an increasingly sedentary lifestyle that contributes to weight gain. Over time, an obese child may be at a higher risk for the following health conditions.

Asthma is a common health problem in children that can be exacerbated by obesity. The added strain placed upon a child’s body from carrying extra weight can significantly decrease lung Read the rest of this entry »

Childhood obesity is reaching epidemic proportions in our country. With the influence of technology, stricter educational standards and the prevalence of fast and unhealthy food options, more children than ever before are gaining to much weight. Unfortunately, obesity in children is tied to serious and chronic health problems such as diabetes and heart disease later in life. Therefore, it is important for parents to do their best to help their child who may be struggling Read the rest of this entry »

Many people are not aware that their health insurance may be willing to pay for weight loss programs. This is an amazing benefit because losing weight can be quite expensive for some people. It is difficult to come up with the drive that is required to lose weight and keep it off forever. However, if you knew that your health insurance company would be willing to pay for you to attend a Weight Watchers meeting or even eat foods that come from Jenny Craig or other weight-loss companies, you may be more likely to lose weight.

You may be wondering why your health insurance company would be willing to come up with this money for you. When you think about all of that health risks that are involved when it comes to being overweight, it makes perfect sense. Your health insurance company is not going to want to pay any more money than they absolutely have to for your healthcare. If you were to have heart problems due to being overweight, your health insurance is the one who is going to suffer.

Diabetes is something that is going to cost your health insurance company hundreds of thousands of dollars with your treatment. It is safe to say that they would rather come up with a little bit of money in the beginning to prevent all of these problems.

Of course, you have to meet the criteria for being overweight. Contact your health insurance company and find out what types of offers they are willing to give you. You may very well be surprised at how much they are willing to pay towards your weight loss.

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Even the president’s wife has found this alarming rate of child obesity to be so unacceptable that she is devoted to finding solutions to halt this disease. In 2012, over 12.5 million children are overweight, and this puts children at a much greater risk for so many health problems. The problem seems to only be getting worse, and as adults, we have to protect the future of this nation.

IPods, cell phones, Xbox, TV, DVD’s, and Read the rest of this entry »

At first it might not be evident that your child is spending too much time online on the computer. Your child comes home from school, has his afternoon snack and then sits at the computer to do his home work. It is dinner time and you have to call your child from the computer. He transitioned from doing homework to playing games on the computer. It is so easy to let this become a habit. There is always something interesting to do online.

This online habit also allows you to give your undivided attention to other important matters. On Read the rest of this entry »


How to Get Your Kid Away From the TV

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Television is very addictive, especially for children. It is easy for kids to want to watch too much TV. The sad fact is that once you get your child watching television, it will be very difficult to get him away from the TV screen. However, there are a lot of activities that can get your child away from the TV screen. The effectiveness of these techniques depends on certain factors like the age of your child.

One thing you can do is take your child to his favorite place to go. This will get him away from the Read the rest of this entry »

Exercise is a very important and essential part of the weight loss process and will aide in good health. There are many ways to help your child to get fit and the first step is to make exercise fun. Below you will find five unique ways to get your child moving and working their way to a better life.

1. Hula Hoop
Hula-hoops are a great way to get some added exercise in your child’s day. Hula-hoops are an excellent way to strengthen the core. In addition, the movements help work on coordination as well as rhythm. Hula Read the rest of this entry »

Snack time is most children’s favorite time of the day. However, many of today’s snacks are loaded with fat, sugar, sodium and cholesterol. Fortunately, there are many healthy alternatives to chips, cookies and cake. Fruit is one of the best snacks for children. It contains the vitamins and minerals that the body needs to grow healthy and strong. Fruit is also a natural source of sugar so it can help tame a sweet tooth.

Veggies with dip also make an excellent snack. Bean dip, hummus and light-ranch dressing are just a few Read the rest of this entry »